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What We Do Best


Bespoke & Limited Editions

Calling all voracious readers and writers! BOOKFORGE binds custom-designed limited-edition book runs as well as one-off bindings of your work. Working with your text, Designer & Bookbinder Edward Patrick Kranz uses the finest leather, vellums, cloths, and papers from around the world to create exquisite bindings for your project.

Contract BOOKFORGE for more information on our Bookbinding services.

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Doing What's Right For the Book

BOOKFORGE specializes in the repair, functional, and historical restoration of antiquarian and collectible books. Working under the philosophy of Doing What Is Right for the Book, Edward works each project with the intent of making repairs as unintrusive and as invisible as possible. Whether you have a 16th or 17th-century binding or need your heirloom family Bible restored for the next generation, BOOKFORGE is where you want to take your restoration project to.

Contact BOOKFORGE for more information on our Book Restoration & Repair services.


Non-intrusive Techniques

BOOKFOREGE offers book conservation consultation services as well as book conservation products to keep your fragile and sensitive books from further damage. Edward Patrick Kranz offers non-intrusive plans and techniques for personal library optimum environment and protective products such as Solander storage boxes, book mounts and cradles, and photo/document sleeves.

Contact BOOKFORGE for more information on our Book & Document Conservation services.



The Book As Fine Art

BOOKFORGE is also a book Art Atelier with an emphasis of book object d’art.  The next series of book art pieces by Edward Patrick Kranz will revolve around Books: Historical & Futuristic concepts and how they have been and will be utilized.

Contact BOOKFORGE for more information on our pending Book Objet d’Art offerings and showings.


The Book Trade Elevated to Its Finest

Bookbinding is a trade. When this trade is transformed into an art form, it becomes Fine Binding or one step further, Design Binding. Taking an antiquarian or collectible book and giving it a one-of-a-kind binding, setting it apart from all others, in any collection in the world, makes your book inherently unique. BOOKFORGE can do that for you. Edward Patrick Kranz has a solid background in fine art, design, and bookbinding. The combination is impressively magnificent.

Contact BOOKFORGE for more information on our Fine & Design Binding services.

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