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Passion for Books

BOOKFORGE is a traditional bindery studio specializing in fine bookbinding, limited editions, design bindings, and book restoration.


Relationships are our advantages. The bookbinders at BOOKFORGE work closely with private collectors and booksellers on conservation and restoration efforts. Doing what is right for the book is always paramount and conservation is stressed over restoration in most cases.


Our bookbinders do their homework. No one person knows everything about bookbinding and restoration. Communication and information sharing are key, there are no better tools than books and social research, peer-to-peer.


BOOKFORGE is a bookbinding, book arts, and book restoration educational atelier studio dedicated to preserving and teaching the trade and art of traditional hand bookbinding.


Passing the torch to the next generation of bookbinders, book artists, and book restorers is always on our minds. Making techniques, processes, and tribal knowledge available to the student ensures the continuity of the bookbinding trade.

About Edward Patrick Kranz

Edward Patrick Kranz is a native of Erie, Pennsylvania with deep roots in the Pacific Northwest. It was in Seattle where he began his book arts journey making bespoke journals and performing book restoration and repairs for friends and family. Drawing on his experiences as a contractor, aircraft mechanic, and later, a fine artist and graphic designer, Edward blends his technical prowess and creative skills with his lifelong love for books in a perfect marriage of his passions. Today, Edward concentrates his efforts on historically accurate, traditionally hand-bound bindings, as well as one-off fine bindings for authors and design bindings for letterpress limited edition for small presses and publishers. Edward apprenticed under Master Bookbinder and book restorer, Michael L. Chrisman. Mr. Chrisman focused Edward's education on the renowned teachings of Bernard C. Middleton, his late Master.


Edward’s early efforts in the book arts consisted of mastering the technical trade aspects of making a book. Focusing on forwarding, the actual binding work, and finishing, the decorating of the cover by tooling, gilding, and inlaying, as well as the fitting of the cover to the pages. Edward discovered a tactile world of materials and tools not so different than what he employed as a fine artist and designer. He discovered that this one-time trade had evolved into an art form all its own.


Now, Edward views books as objects of art, worthy of consideration; the book's form, shape, size, paper stock, printing, cover, and binding. All these elements create an intimate experience of anticipation for the reader. This is where he expresses his imagination as a creator. This is where he expresses his emotion. This is where he tells a story beyond written words.


It is Design Binding projects like the Erie County COVID-19 Book of Remembrance, commissioned by Erie County Executive, Kathy Dahlkemper, that illustrate the idea; the form of the book is as important as the text it contains. Edward added design elements to the full leather binding such as COVID-19 “crowns” at the head and tail of the spine. The endbands were hand-sewn in gold and blue silk to represent the colors of the virus that struck down so many of our loved ones. A blue line separates the two main sections of the book representing first responders and hospital staff who put their lives at risk every day. All artistic design choices, all meaningful and meant to elicit an emotional response to the person writing about their loved one in the Book of Remembrance as well as the reader, generations down the road.


Edward lives with his wife, Antonyia, and son, Ayden in the Glenwood Hills neighborhood of Erie, Pennsylvania.

Curriculum Vitae

and En Résidence

Board Membership

2021:    Apprenticeship: 14th & 15th-century book structure (Master Bookbinder               Michael L. Chrisman. Erie, PA)

2020:    Apprentice: Marcia Driver 2020 - 2023 (Erie, PA)

2024:    Apprentice: Sharon Smith 2024 - Preent (Erie, PA)

2024:    Erie Art Company, Erie PA. Board Member – Currently serving on the                   Erie Art Company Board, a non-profit focused on the business of art                     and the sustainability of creative processes in our lives.

  • Washington Irving Literary Festival Project (Active Project)

  •  Artist City & Culture Benchmark & Analysis (Active Project)

  •  Flagship City Arts and Culture Festival (Pending Proposal)

Selected Recent Workshops, Demonstrations, and Guest Lectures

2024:    BOOKFORGE [ATELIER!]: A series of bookbinding educational online                   demonstrations including Japanese Stab-binding, Secret Belgian                           (Crisscross) Binding, Modern Coptic Link Stitch Binding, and Egyptian                   Papyrus Scrolls.

2023:    City Gallery’s Kids Art Camp – Simplified Drumleaf Binding                                     (BOOKFORGE, Erie, PA)

             Introduction to Bookbinding Workshop (BOOKFORGE, Erie, PA)

2022:    Drumleaf Binding Workshop (Grounded Print & Paper Shope, Erie, PA)

             Introduction to Bookbinding Workshop (Grounded Print & Paper                           Shope, Erie, PA)

2021:    Three Non-adhesive Binding Structures (Grounded Print & Paper                           Shope, Erie, PA)

             Long & Link Stitch Binding Structure (Grounded Print & Paper Shope,                   Erie, PA)

2007:    Bridging the Design Gap: What Every Developer Ought to Know About               Graphics Design. (Redmond, WA)

Selected Exhibitions (*solo shows)

2006:    Coffee Culture (Adobe University, Seattle, WA) *

             Menu: Invitational Edible Elements of Art (Kirkland Arts Center, Kirkland,               WA)

2005:    Thinking Outside the Cup (Starbucks at the Lodge, Bellevue, WA) *

             Not Just for Breakfast Anymore (Isle of Art Gallery, Langly, WA) *

             Coffee and a Haircut (Trine Studios, Seattle, WA) *

2004     No Such Coffee Culture (No Such Animal Studios, Seattle, WA) *

             Coffee Culture – The Prints (Starbucks in Fremont. Seattle, WA) *

             Solo Exhibition (Starbucks at 12th & Columbia. Seattle, WA) *

             Coffee Blues – One Night Stand (Larry’s Blues Café. Seattle, WA) *

             Coffee Culture – Back by Popular Demand. (Isle of Art Gallery, Langly, WA) *

             Coffee Culture (Top of the Market Gallery. Seattle, WA) *

             Coffee Culture (Isle of Art Gallery. Langly, WA)

Professional Organizations
and Affiliations

2022 - Present:    Guild of Bookworkers

                             Society of Bookbinders

Press and Media

2022      Armor, Kelly. “Erie Arts & Culture Interview with Edward Kranz.” Erie                      Arts & Culture. Erie, PA. 2 Dec. 2022

              Hull, Michael David. The Raw Image Interview: Bookbinder Edward                        Patrick Kranz.” The Raw Image, Erie, PA. 7 Jul 2022

2021      Martin, Jim. “Bound For History: Erie Bookbinder Preserves and                            Recreates the Past.” GoErie/Erie Times. Erie, PA 16 Dec. 2021

              Martin, Jim. “More Than 600 Erie County Residents Have Died of                          COVID. A Massive Book Has Space to Honor Them.” GoErie/Erie                          Times. Erie, PA 16 Dec. 2021

2005:     Meoli, Nicole. "Uncommon Grounds." Where Magazine (Seattle) 01                      Jan. 2005: 12-13

2004:    Curly, John. “The Most Unique Northwest Christmas Gifts Ever.”                           Evening Magazine. NBC. KING 5, Seattle. 06 Dec. 2004

             Sharify, John. “Only in Seattle: Artist Paints with Coffee.” 6:00 News.                     ABC. KOMO 4, Seattle. 30 Nov. 2004

             Sharify, John. “Only in Seattle: Artist Paints with Coffee.”,                 ABC, KOMO 4, Online. 3 Dec. 2004

             Kranz (Ezju), Edward P. Interview with Kathi Goertzen. Evening News.                     ABC. KOMO 4, Seattle. 30 Nov. 2004.

             Broom, Jack. “An artist paints scenes of Java Land using a strong brew,                 his medium of choice.” Seattle Times 29 Nov. 2004, sec. Northwest Life:               2-3.

             Miller, John. “Miller's Time featuring artist Edward Patrick Kranz (Ezju).”               Evening Magazine. NBC. KING 5, Seattle. 15 Apr. 2004

Commissions & Collections

2007     Coffeescape III (36" x 24") Coffee on Canvas. Private/Corporate                             Collection, Redmond, WA

2006     Spinner, Iris. The Blues Family 18” x 24” Coffee on Lanolin Claybord                     (Seattle, WA)

2005     Geoff, Shannon. Cleo 20” x 34” Charcoal on Lanolin Claybord. (Seattle,                 WA)

             Geoff, Shannon. Moses 20” x 34” Charcoal on Lanolin Claybord.                           (Seattle, WA)

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