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Passion for Books

BOOKFORGE is a traditional hand bookbindery and book restoration studio located in historic Erie, Pennsylvania.

Relationships are our advantages. The bookbinders at BOOKFORGE work closely with private collectors and book sellers on conservation and restoration efforts. Doing what is right for the book is always paramount and conservation is stressed over restoration in most cases.

Our bookbinders do their homework. No one person knows everything about bookbinding and restoration. Communication and information sharing are key, there is no better tools than books and social research, peer-to-peer.

BOOKFORGE is a bookbinding, book arts, and book restoration educational atelier studio dedicated to preserving and teaching the trade and art of traditional hand bookbinding.

Passing the torch to the next generation of bookbinders, book artists, and book restorers is always on our minds. Making techniques, processes, and tribal knowledge available to the student ensures the continuity of the bookbinding trade.

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