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Egyptian Papyrus Scroll

Egyptian Papyrus Scroll

Egyptian Papyrus Scroll (Hand-stained Wood Finials)


This true-to-life Egyptian Papyrus Scroll is period representative of what would have been actually used by the Greek and Roman scholars, religious leaders, and accountants.

A popular use for scrolls in modern times is genealogy. There is something about keeping track of your family using a method that dates back to biblical times!

It is perfect for weddings, reenactments, Medieval fairs and festivals, Reissuance fairs and festivals, SCA, role-playing, cosplay, D & D, and just about any other event that would require a period-accurate Egyptian Papyrus scroll.

This approx. 8" scroll is made up of ten 11" x 8" (approx. 110 inches of writing surface) Egyptian Papyrus sheets. It has an oak umbilicus (baton, wood dowel, or stick) support with beautiful, hand-stained wood finials. The overall length of the scroll is approx. 13.25"

The Papyrus is traditionally constructed with crossing grains. The recto side is facing inward, grain running the length of the scroll to write upon and the verso is on the outside with the grain running perpendicular to the roll. This allows for a much easier time rolling the scroll and the longevity of the scroll.

Each scroll is hand-cut out of rough papyrus and as such, each is very unique.

This scroll was hand-made in historic Erie, Pennsylvania.

    This item is currently made-to-order. Please allow 2-4 weeks for creation and shipping.
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