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BOOKFORGE Move & Bindery Studio: A Quick Update!

This past weekend witnessed another huge push to get the backspace, the area where all the heavy iron equipment is going to live, cleared, and semi-organized. It's not perfect, but it's functional. Next weekend should be the last major effort to get the entire bindery studio in order.

BOOKFORGE [LIVE!] will air at its regularly scheduled time this Wednesday at 1 PM EST. I still don't have the lighting figured out or camera placements, so please bear with me for a few sessions.

I have started to do some light bench work and will be delivering the first few client books from the new space this week. That feels good considering the move pretty much drained the accounts. It will be nice to put something back in the coffers again.

Several projects you will see on the bench in the coming weeks will include getting ready for January demonstrations and workshops! These include The Undervalued Pamphlet Stitch, Stab-bindings, Egyptian Papyrus Scrolls, Modern Coptic Bindings, Secret Belgian Bindings, and our Introduction to Bookbinding Workshop. If any of these interest you, please visit the BOOKFORGE Website and sign up!

If you are wondering, yes, there will be plenty of posts, videos, and behind-the-scenes content based on all the demonstrations and workshops posted here on our Patreon page. They will look a bit different than the actual demonstrations and workshops though, as they will have ancillary content. In time, the actual videos of this content will be available to you here.

I have been focused on getting the bindery space organized and I haven't spent as much time as I had hopped on the sixth installment of the 1850 Heirloom Family Bible restoration video series. I plan to finish the video editing today and work on the voiceover tomorrow. I will get this video out sometime this week! Honest! 

More when I talk to you on Wednesday!

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