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Hey, I'm writing a book! A Collection of Short Stories.

Not sure if it's the natural course of a bookbinder to want to write his own book, but that's what I am doing! Please visit the Facebook page for Lavishly Entangled Words of Enlightenment, like the page, and follow along on this journey with me! Many of the stories are in the first edit stage, and a couple are still being written.

Excerpt from the short story, The Wedding for the Dead

"A macabre band of repugnant hipster zombies, playing ghastly Appalachian folk blues on antiquated and dirt-encrusted instruments, began the evening's festivities. The grotesque horde of kin found the eerie music surprisingly danceable, despite their decayed state. The reception of the dead was in full swing, with dismembered body parts swinging to the music. Some danced while others chose to partake in Pennsylvanian hard cider and the finest Erie wine. Death watched as the fermented grapes flowed through the decrepit bodies, the sensation of taste lost on most of them. They drank, perhaps out of habit, a social custom reminiscent of when they were truly alive."

Look for The Wedding For the Dead in Lavishly Entangled Words of Enlightenment along with other short stories and eloquence of deceit.

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