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Starting in January 2024, BOOKFORGE on Patreon will be adding a series called the BOOKFORGE [BOOK BOX!] of the Week. This will be a weekly video release featuring the unboxing of the Kranz Estate Library. 

My private book collection, over 50 boxes, has been in storage for too long. It's time to get each box out, go through it, and decide if the books are to be kept and shelved, sold, or donated. 

In the videos, we will open one box and pull the contents out. We will take a look at each book and discuss them. We will take a few minutes to determine the asking price value of the books as well. Many I have read. Many more I want to read. Some I will never get around to reading.The BOOKFORGE [BOOK BOX!] of the Week video series is geared towards all of our members, specifically our Book Lover tier.

While the BOOKFORGE [BOOK BOX!] content is slated weekly on Mondays, this may be a bi-weekly release initially.

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