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Coming Winter of 2022

BOOKFORGE is working on bringing you bookbinding, book repair, and book restoration programs. These won't be your father's YouTube video tutorials either! Our programs will be very details and geared towards multiple different learning styles.

You will be able to take individual programs and learn Á La Carte or you can subscribe to full programs and learn in-depth. 

The first individual programs in production include free courses such as Opening a New Book Correctly and the Undervalued Pamphlet Stitch. Other's such as Bookbinding Knots (square, Kettle, Weavers Knot) and The Secret Belgium (Zig-zag) Binding may cost a few dollars, but are absolutely worth it.

Why are BOOKFORGE Programs worth the money? Simple. They go beyond a simple tutorial and include history, esoteric knowledge, multiple learning styles, are broken up into Bite-sized modules like an actual online course, and the instructor discusses the whys and why nots of process, technique, and tools.

Become a member of the BOOKFORGE site and receive updates on new programs as they are being developed and subsequently released. Just click on the Members link in the main navigation. 

No available programs
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